Is a remortgage or second charge mortgage right for home improvements?

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Say you need £30,000 for a home extension, we look at the pros and cons, and which deal will be most cost-effective

While many homeowners dream of the day they will be mortgage-free, growing numbers of people are opting to take out a second mortgage. And they’re using the money to finance everything from home extensions to IVF treatment.

According to the latest data, so-called second charge mortgage lending is galloping ahead and has leapt to its highest level since 2008. During the year to 29 February, £887m of second mortgages were taken out by homeowners. That’s 36% up on the year to February 2015, and more than three times the £293m of second mortgages in 2011-12.

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If you need to borrow a small amount of money, you are better off going for an unsecured product such as a personal loan

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