Move over granny: the ‘graddy annexe’ is on the rise

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With graduates unable to afford their own home, more parents are building extensions to house their boomerang offspring

Granny flats are not what they used to be – today they are increasingly likely to be filled by a millennial desperate for their own space. With nearly half the graduates who paid full tuition fees in 2015 back living with their parents, plus all the other young adults unable to get a foot on the property ladder, there has been a boom in so-called “graddy annexes” to accommodate young people moving home.

According to reports, the number of homes with an annexe for family members has jumped by a third in the past two years – thanks to council tax breaks for those building to house relatives. Before April 2014, homeowners had to pay full council tax on annexes attached to a main household if they had fitted kitchens or bathrooms. But now there is a 50% discount on council tax bills if the occupier is a family member.

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