'I like uncluttered design': in Essex homes, the only way is modern

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Far from being the place that taste forgot, Essex has a radical past as the cradle of British modernism. We meet the owners of some of the county’s architectural gems

When it comes to the stereotyping of British counties, Essex beats them all, from Towie to fake tans, bleached blondes and brassiness. But Essex doesn’t need a makeover, only a bit of historical balance.

Last year, an initiative named Radical Essex sought to do just that, by retrieving the county’s progressive past. With its proximity to London and Europe, and relative lack of country estates, Essex in the early 20th century was fertile, affordable ground for grand plans, pioneering lifestyle experiments and, above all, modern architecture. Modernism had a difficult time crossing the Channel, but this is where it made the greatest inroads.

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