Paint, pallets and a chicken coop: how DIY and upcycling can save cash

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Lockdown provides opportunity to start the home improvement projects you have been putting off

After weeks stuck indoors, many of us have a very good idea of which bits of our home we would like to improve. Some have already been moving through their DIY to-do lists but with the bank holiday weekend here and restrictions on lockdown easing in parts of the UK, it is the perfect time to get going on a new project – big or small.

Medina Grillo, an award-winning DIY and home improvement blogger at, says now is an opportunity to tackle projects you may have previously put off. “DIY helps to structure your day a bit more and it keeps you from feeling too bored,” she says. She has painted a small wall in her entrance hall, hung up a few pictures and waxed a coat rail over the past few weeks.

For paint, often the best prices can be found at non-specialist shops

Keep DIY small to start with until your confidence builds. DIY doesn’t always have to mean power tools or large renovation projects. Sometimes it’s as simple as having an idea and following through with it … by yourself. And that could be as basic as screwing a loose door back so it doesn’t creak or adding a coat...

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