‘It looks great – and covers dodgy plasterwork!’ Readers' cheap, clever five-minute home improvements

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Lockdown could be a good time to address domestic annoyances. Who better to canvas for ingenious solutions – from a knife rack to mask hooks – than Guardian readers?

I framed and hung the art, photographs and posters I had collected over years of travelling, but had never bothered to display (or had been unable to because I was renting). Not only did it make my flat a lot more personal, but I was also able to cover some of the dodgy plasterwork – a win-win. For ages, I was put off by the price of the frames, which were often substantially more expensive than the picture inside. I would recommend shopping around online and having a look in charity shops to save money. Ultimately, though, it is worth it in order to be surrounded by images you love or that provoke happy memories. I am especially glad to have some photos of friends and family on the wall, as I haven’t been able to see many of them in real life lately. Emily, public sector worker, London

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