Stylish Room Trends

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Find out the latest room trends from this year's Ideal Home Show! Learn how to recreate the latest looks in your own home.

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Bunnings flatpack homes fly off the shelves – but only in New Zealand

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Pre-fabricated two-bedroom homes cost A$65,000, and four bedrooms up to $107,000

For those wanting to get on the housing ladder a trip to Bunnings – and New Zealand – may be in order.

The DIY specialist has reported a brisk trade for its selection of flatpack homes which have been on sale across the Tasman.

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Famous Front Doors

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A front door can be so much more than just an entrance to the home, Check out these famous doors, how does your door compare?

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Should I get hardwood or softwood timber windows?

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At Anglian we know it’s important to find the perfect windows for your home, after all, each house is unique. That’s why we individually design and craft windows using high grade timber and precision craftmanship, so your windows complement your home beautifully.  Our timber products come in hardwood and softwood. You decide on the timber […]

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Pools, ponds and 40ft aquariums: planning disputes of the stars

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Ed Sheeran’s home improvement ideas have run aground. So how does his tale fit in with the four great categories of celebrity planning permission stories?

To Suffolk, where it seems that Ed Sheeran has been running up against objections to his various home improvements. Things the singer has been allowed to build in the vicinity of his house include a four-room treehouse, an indoor swimming pool, an orangery and a wildlife pond. He has also won planning permission for a football pitch, a private beach and an underground “man cave” – I use the Times’s vocabulary here – which will include a music room and cinema.

But what of things that Sheeran hasn’t been allowed to build? They include a 24-seat chapel. Furthermore, he has now been asked to remove a 5-metre-long sign attached to the outside of his in-garden pub, on the basis that the barn which houses it is a listed building.

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Home improvements customers need stamina to conquer Everest

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Many sign up with the household name believing costly work will go smoothly. It’s not always so

The thrill of Everest is adventuring into the unknown. Even the most doughty stamina and resolve can’t guarantee those who commit to the journey will reach their goal. Which is why Britain’s second-largest double-glazing company seems aptly named.

Everest was the second choice of Michael and Catrin Poole when its rival, Anglian, declared the arched doors and windows they required could not be manufactured in uPVC. The Everest salesman, in contrast, was apparently confident even though his computer resisted his attempts to produce a design.

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Can a radical sofa help you explore your emotions?

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A new sharing platform lets you rent high-end furniture for your home – but living the designer lifestyle dream isn’t easy

For many of us, homes just happen. They slide into place – a trip to Ikea here, a broken bedhead there – until you find yourself buried in a taste you don’t remember acquiring. Part of this is due to a combination of choice-less choices. Like the reluctance to imprint oneself on a room that you’re renting and might leave a month later or the strangle-rules of a distant landlord. And money – how many of us can afford either the cost of an exquisite piece of design, or the time spent searching for it? Interior design, surely, is for the 1%.

Henrietta Thompson, founder of a new “sharing platform”, would disagree. Harth is a rental service for art and furniture, a sort of design Airbnb – an Eames rocking chair costs around £20 a month, a pair of 17th-century marble busts, £2,700. A design writer, Thompson was frustrated with the industry’s attitude to customers; either they’re encouraged to play it safe with “investment pieces”, or buy cheap, “fun” furniture that falls apart – each year, 800,000 tonnes of furniture goes to landfill. So she started approaching...

Everyone had an opinion about how to hang the curtains: on a woman's right to use tools | Phoebe Paterson de Heer

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I had to gain the confidence that always seemed to come naturally to my partner to release my inner handywoman

Last year my partner and I moved into a new house. The whole exercise was exhilarating – finally, a place we owned – but it also unearthed in me a desperation, a deep frustration. For a long time I’ve wanted to be someone who fixes things, builds things, someone who is capable in practical day-to-day tasks. I own tools, I have ideas and I tinker with my surroundings, but I’ve never felt completely at ease in the tasks that various men in my life seem to take on with no backward glance.

In our just-built house there were so many jobs to do with drills, hammers, caulking guns. My drive to learn by doing was offset by disorientation and self-doubt. I wanted to begin improving our house, but I didn’t know what sort of screws I needed for the curtain rod brackets, or whether I could just drill straight into the plasterboard. My partner, a man, didn’t have much more experience in these things than I did, but approached the situation with a confidence and bluster that only confused me more.

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The True Cost of DIY

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How to reinvent your home without paying over the odds With spring on the way, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about renovating your home. The new season will bring new interior trends, spring cleaning and those DIY jobs you’ve been putting off all winter. If your house is in need of some attention […]

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In praise of unrenovated kitchens and overgrown gardens | Johanna Leggatt

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Our enthusiasm for turning where we live into display homes is making them soulless - and us boring

If you want a picture of marital misery, or perhaps you are a sadomasochist and wish to test the limits of your relationship, then grab your partner by the hand and head to a home hardware store or Ikea on the weekend.

You’ll find scores of like-minded types there. Walking about drearily like they’re in line for the gallows, bickering under their breath about paying through the nose for reclaimed river rocks, and rolling their eyes when one person suggests a Balinese-style gazebo (and fair enough, too).

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Our gardens didn’t have water features or hedging, and no one competed for what estate agents like to dub 'kerb appeal'

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Hot Property: Preventing Heat Loss in the Home

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Heat loss is a major concern for every homeowner, no matter what kind of property they live in. The more heat lost, the higher you’ll have to crank up the heating – leading to unpleasantly pricey bills if you want to keep your toes toasty. Knowing the hotspots for heat loss in your house is […]

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#ProjectSpotlight: Orangery with bi-fold doors

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Bi-fold doors have become a major home improvement trend over the last year or so, valued for their modern look and, above all, their potential for views. Once they’re opened wide, they create an access point to the outside world like no other. So if you’ve got the views and want to bring them inside, […]

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#ProjectSpotlight: Ultra-stylish kitchen orangery

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Just because something’s practical doesn’t mean it has to skimp on style. As long as it’s functional, meets your daily needs and your budget, we say the more wow factor, the better. That’s how we feel about kitchens; they’re one of the most – if not the most – practical spaces in a house. It’s where we cook, […]

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#AnglianAnswers: Why is there condensation on my windows?

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It’s time we all accepted it – ‘tis the season for window condensation. Now that summer is well and truly coming to a close, you might start to notice condensation forming on either the inside or outside of your windows. Don’t worry just yet – it’s a pretty common problem, especially at this time of […]

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#AnglianAnswers: What is a composite door?

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If you’re in the market for a new front or back door – or, let’s be honest, even if you aren’t – you’ve probably been offered a composite door, in addition to the traditional options of uPVC, wood or aluminium. You’ve heard they’re great, sure, and incredibly stylish, but what exactly are they? And how […]

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#ProjectSpotlight: Two seaside orangeries

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We’ve talked before about orangeries and their ability to create the wow factor. The lantern roofs, the influx of streaming light, their elegant appearance from the outside and in – there’s something about them that just makes a home pop. So if you had the opportunity to add not one orangery but two, we can’t help […]

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#AnglianAnswers: Do I need planning permission to build a conservatory?

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It’s common among homeowners looking to add a conservatory to their home to consider planning permission one of the biggest stressors. But perhaps what isn’t so common is the notion that securing planning permission can actually be pretty simple, especially when you trust someone like Anglian to build your conservatory, as we can do the […]

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#ProjectSpotlight: Aluminium porch

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When you’ve lived in a property for however many years, adding new home improvements can be a bit of a daunting task. How well will the new fit in with the old? Is a perfect match possible, or more of a pipe dream? We’re here to tell you not only is it possible to fit […]

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One on one with motorbike racer Daniel Brooks

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If you’ve been following our Good to be Home blog, you may or may not have noticed motorbike racer Daniel Brooks’ name come up time and again. That’s because for the last few years, we’ve been sponsoring him as he embarks on his motorcross journey, whipping around UK tracks in Anglian blue. We’ve loved not […]

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#AnglianAnswers: How do I make my front door more secure?

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It’s October, and you know what that means – it’s National Home Security Month! That’s why this month, we’re bringing you #AnglianAnswers that are all devoted to improving your home’s security, so stay tuned for our top tips. That brings us to our first #AnglianAnswers of the month, where we’re focussing on a prime area […]

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#ProjectSpotlight: A transformative solid roof

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It’s a complaint we hear all too often – my conservatory is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. So does that mean this is just an issue all conservatory owners are destined to face, and we should just resign ourselves now? Not if Anglian has anything to say about it. Our […]

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Our favourite autumn home trends

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We’ve all been enjoying the heatwave, but sooner than we think autumn will be upon us and we’ll be settling in front of the fire with a warm mug of hot chocolate. As the bright shades of summer turn to deep autumn tones, it’s time to swap patterned cushions for warm knitted blankets and throws, […]

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Pot luck: the paint recyclers who put leftover litres to good use

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It’s all profit and gloss for the Brits who do exactly what it says on the tin

Rare is the DIY dilettante with the foresight to know they are never going to use the rest of that paint they stashed in the shed after doing up the living room. Who hasn’t kidded themselves that they really are going to touch up all those grubby spots with the leftovers in years to come?

With an estimated 50m litres of paint going to waste each year in the UK (that’s enough to fill 20 Olympic swimming pools), we are all guilty. No wonder the average home is thought to have at least 17 half-empty pots gathering cobwebs under the stairs.

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Can I trust a website for a reliable handyman?

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We are looking for someone to do some home repairs for my elderly parents

Every week a Guardian Money reader submits a question, and it’s up to you to help him or her out – a selection of the best answers will appear in next Saturday’s paper.

In search of a handyman for my elderly parents I’ve been looking at various websites that promise “trusted” workers. Has anyone found a site that delivers good tradesmen, or should I ask the neighbours instead?

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Homebase cuts 300 jobs as more store closures loom

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Third of head office roles axed as new owners reportedly consider closing up to 80 stores

Homebase is cutting 300 jobs at its Milton Keynes head office amid speculation that up to 80 stores will close after its takeover by the restructuring specialist Hilco.

The loss-making DIY chain was bought by the owner of HMV for £1 in a deal agreed in May after its previous Australian owner, Wesfarmers, pulled the plug on a “disastrous” venture into the UK.

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