Get Rid of Rats Naturally

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In holes as small as half an inch, rats could squeeze themselves. Therefore, if a hole is not that large yet, before they reach the ideal amount, they can nibble on it.
On the other side, mice could get as narrow as a 1⁄4 inch in the gaps. And just to wriggle through, they'll do the same thing as rats.
Be kind and get rid of these pests without killing them, as shared by maid service Medfield below, through reliable, natural ways!
Hair from humans
They can not stand the sight of human hair, no matter how healthy it is. It can, therefore, be one of the most successful natural ways of getting rid of rats.
In the holes or places where they hide and frequent the most, put a few strands inside.
Not only does it serve as an outstanding cleaning agent, but because of its pungent scent, ammonia is also a strong rodent repellent.
Create 2 to 21⁄2 cups of ammonia, 2 to 3 tablespoons of detergent and 100 to 200 ml of water. In a tub, combine all the ingredients and put them where rats sometimes stay.
Humans are not the only ones who hate onions' pungent odor. Rats and mice are also unable to handle its scent, so it's a perfect way to keep them away from your place.
One of the non-toxic, natural means of getting rid of rats is the smell.
Simply cut one slice and put it where the rats obviously live. However, you need to replace them once they are rotten.
Essential Oils
Among the essential oils that you might use as one of the healthy, natural ways of getting rid of rats are peppermint, citronella, and eucalyptus.
Rats can be deterred by the robust smells of these oils. When rats are exposed to the 5-10 per cent concentration of these essential oils, it can be highly effective.
If you have cats or dogs, just be careful as certain essential oils can be poisonous to your furry friends.
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Steel Wool
Steel wool can be used to block entry points for rats. To keep the rats from getting inside your home, use them as obstacles.
Nibbling the steel wool would be hard for them, so they will finally give up going through the gaps.
Snake Litter/Cat Litter Dried
The natural enemies of rats are cats and snakes. Rats will immediately avoid going back to a house if they saw signs of their enemies, as they are known to be wise.
From a pet store or zoo, you might buy dried snake litter or cat litter. By putting the litter in the holes where they normally hide, you trick them.
In time, since they are frightened of snakes and cats, rats and mice will not return to these places.
However, if you want to get rid of stray cats at home, there are nine effective ways you can follow.
Balls of moths
One of the tried-and-tested natural ways of getting rid of rats is mothballs. Place them in abandoned areas that could theoretically be the habitats of the rodents.
You will quickly find this repellent on the market and it's easy to use. Just be careful to disperse them in the building, as the scent is dangerous to humans and other animals as well.
When dispensing the mothballs, use gloves or something else to protect your face.